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Task Force Reports

NABP provides guidance on current topics of interest to the state boards of pharmacy through the use of single-issue task forces. When an issue arises that requires special expertise or a commitment of time and funds, a task force is appointed to explore and address an explicit charge. Often, these issues address topics from resolutions that are approved by the membership at the NABP Annual Meeting. After a task force meets, its findings, along with recommended actions, are reported to the NABP Executive Committee for final approval.

Those interested in joining a committee or task force may submit this interest form.

2019-2020 Task Force Reports

In addition to the task force and work group listed above, NABP also held the Task Force on Requirements for Pharmacy Technician Education and the Task Force on Pharmacy Technician Competence Assessment in fall 2019. The Task Force on Requirements for Pharmacy Technician Education, Practice Responsibilities, and Competence Assessment (Overview Task Force) will reconvene after the newly formed Task Force on Pharmacy Technician Practice Responsibilities is held during the 2020-2021 task force season. At this time, the Overview Task Force will review the reports of all three technician task force subgroups and issue a final report comprising recommendations from the three reports. The final report of the Overview Task Force will be available at a later date.

2018-2019 Task Force Reports

2017-2018 Task Force Reports

2016-2017 Task Force Reports

2015–2016 Task Force Reports

2014–2015 Task Force Reports

For task force reports dating back to 1990, search Committee and Task Force Reports in the News section.