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NABP Reports


Resolutions are presented and voted upon each year at the NABP Annual Meeting. These resolutions formally state the membership’s stance on important issues in pharmacy practice or regulation and often prompt the Association to take further action. Visit this section to view resolutions passed at previous Annual Meetings.

Task Force Reports

NABP convenes task forces to provide guidance on current topics of interest to the state boards of pharmacy. Often, these issues address topics from resolutions that are approved by the membership at the NABP Annual Meeting. Visit this section to view recent task force reports.

Standing Committee Reports

Authorized by the NABP Constitution and Bylaws, the Association’s standing committees annually perform specific responsibilities that are essential to the success of NABP programs and procedures. Visit this section to view recent reports of standing committees.

Officer Reports

Each year at the Annual Meeting, the officers of the NABP Executive Committee report on the progress of the Association and discuss future initiatives of NABP. Visit this section to view recent officer reports.

Program and Committee Reports

Many of NABP’s programs are overseen by committees made up of volunteers from the membership as well as experts in the practice of pharmacy and academia. The Association also provides important research reports to members and other stakeholders on important issues in pharmacy. Visit this section to view recent reports for programs such as the NABP PMP InterConnect, the .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program, and the Internet Drug Outlet Identification Program.