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Many years of study and hundreds of hours as an intern have prepared you for the NAPLEX, but a trial run can help you stay on track. The Pre-NAPLEX® prepares you for the NAPLEX testing experience as you field questions similar to those you will face on the day of the test. Available online, you may take the Pre-NAPLEX anywhere you have an internet connection.

Taking the Pre-NAPLEX

The Pre-NAPLEX consists of 100 questions and takes 140 minutes to complete. You must complete the test in its entirety once you begin, and you will not be able to review questions or change an answer once you confirm an answer choice. You may take the Pre-NAPLEX up to two times. The Pre-NAPLEX content corresponds to the NAPLEX Competency Statements, which can be found in the NAPLEX/MPJE Application Bulletin.

Technical Support

Please note that some users may experience technology-related interruptions while taking the Pre-NAPLEX. If you experience interruptions or technical difficulties, please refer to the Pre-NAPLEX FAQs in the Help section.

Registering for the Pre-NAPLEX

You may register online by logging into your e-Profile. If you have not yet created an e-Profile, click on the link below to do so. Once you register and pay for the Pre-NAPLEX, you will have seven (7) days to take the test.

The Pre-NAPLEX costs $65 per testing session. It can be taken up to two times, and the $65 fee is applied to each attempt. Fees are non-refundable.

For the best testing experience, please ensure that your computer and web browser meet the Pre-NAPLEX technical specifications.

Pre-NAPLEX Scores

After you take the practice test, you will be provided your score report. You can also access your score report immediately after completing the Pre-NAPLEX through your NABP e-Profile. The Pre-NAPLEX score is intended to provide you with information on your performance in answering a subset of test questions similar to those you will encounter on the NAPLEX under pre-testing conditions. NABP does not claim that a strong performance on the Pre-NAPLEX predicts passing the NAPLEX. A thorough understanding of the NAPLEX Competency Statements will help you prepare for the exam.

Schools and Colleges of Pharmacy: Help Your Students Succeed

New Online Pre-NAPLEX Voucher Ordering Process!

It is now easier than ever to for your school or college of pharmacy to assist students in preparing for the NAPLEX with the online voucher ordering process for the Pre-NAPLEX. To gain access to the e-Profile Connect to order vouchers, ask your college of pharmacy dean to contact NABP so that you can receive your log in credentials. Only college of pharmacy deans can request log in credentials for college of pharmacy faculty and staff.

The Pre-NAPLEX offers the most comprehensive preparation because it features actual questions from previous examinations. To give students the most realistic testing experience, some institutions arrange the Pre-NAPLEX to be administered in a group setting, in a controlled and proctored environment.

Schools and colleges of pharmacy may purchase vouchers to cover the cost of the Pre-NAPLEX for their students. Each voucher costs $55 and is good for one examination. Schools that order more than 100 vouchers earn a 10% discount. After purchasing the vouchers online, college faculty/staff may immediately download a spreadsheet that contains the voucher codes, along with additional usage instructions and their invoice. Voucher codes can be used for two years from the date of purchase.

Pre-NAPLEX Content Protected Under Law

The Pre-NAPLEX and its contents are the exclusive property of NABP. The Pre-NAPLEX is a confidential examination that is protected by law, including trade secret, copyright, and other applicable laws and regulations.

Individuals are expressly prohibited, at all times, from selling, offering, disclosing, making available, transmitting, copying, reproducing, purchasing, receiving, or acquiring without prior written NABP authorization, the Pre-NAPLEX including, without limitation, examination questions, answers, question format, profiles, and scenarios.

If NABP obtains information indicating that an individual is engaged in the prohibited conduct described in this section, NABP, at its sole discretion, may take one or more actions against the individual including, without limitation, placement of a hold on scheduling or sitting for the NAPLEX, provision of information about the individual’s alleged misconduct to one or more boards of pharmacy or regulatory or law enforcement authorities, or pursuit of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings or penalties.