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Now that you are in the final phases of FPGEC Certification, preparing to take the FPGEE is the next step. The Pre-FPGEE® is a practice test that contains questions similar to those you will encounter on the FPGEE. It can help you prepare to take the examination FPGEE by providing a preview of the FPGEE testing experience. Since the Pre-FPGEE is administered online, you can take the exam anywhere you have an internet connection. Detailed information on the Pre-FPGEE can be found in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin.

Taking the Pre-FPGEE

There are 66 questions on the Pre-FPGEE. You will have 85 minutes to complete all of the questions on the practice examination. This time limit is proportional to the time allowed on the FPGEE. Please allow an additional 15-20 minutes to complete the registration process and the exit survey.

You will be able to review previously answered questions and change your answers at any time during the examination. Once you begin the exam, you must complete it in its entirety to receive a score.

Registering for the Pre-FPGEE

You may register online by logging into your e-Profile. If you have not yet created an e-Profile, click on the link below to do so; your e-Profile is a separate account from the FPGEE registration. Once you register and pay for the Pre-FPGEE, you will have seven (7) days to take the test.

The cost of the Pre-FPGEE is $50. You may use any major credit card. 

Candidates may only take each Pre-FPGEE test form once; however, a new form is available approximately four weeks before each FPGEE administration.

Browser and Operating System Requirements

To take the Pre-FPGEE, a computer running either Microsoft Windows 7 or 8/8.1 or Mac OS 10.7 (Snow Leopard) through 10.10 (Yosemite) operating system software is required and must meet the following system requirements:

  • Google Chrome 43.0 and higher
  • Internet Explorer 11 and higher, with text size set to medium or smaller
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Reliable internet access (high-speed connection preferred for optimal performance)
    Note: Because wireless Internet routers may fail, NABP recommends using a direct internet connection while taking the Pre-FPGEE. 
  • Access to a printer for score reports

Pre-FPGEE Scores

The Pre-FPGEE is scored to similar the FPGEE. When you complete the examination you will be given an estimated scaled score based on your answers. You will have the ability to print your score report for your personal records from your NABP e-Profile account. Pre-FPGEE scores will not be released to anyone other than you.

The Pre-FPGEE score is intended to provide you with information on your performance in answering a subset of test questions similar to those you will encounter on the FPGEE under pre-testing conditions. NABP does not claim that a strong performance on the Pre-FPGEE predicts passing the FPGEE.

Pre-FPGEE Content Protected Under IP Law

The Pre-FPGEE and its contents are the exclusive property of NABP. The Pre-FPGEE is a confidential examination that is protected by law, including trade secret, copyright, and other applicable laws and regulations.

Individuals are expressly prohibited, at all times, from selling, offering, disclosing, making available, transmitting, copying, reproducing, purchasing, receiving, or acquiring without prior written NABP authorization, the Pre-FPGEE including, without limitation, examination questions, answers, question format, profiles, and scenarios.

If NABP obtains information indicating that an individual is engaged in the prohibited conduct described in this section, NABP, at its sole discretion, may take one or more actions against the individual including, without limitation, disqualification from the FPGEE program, provision of information about the individual’s alleged misconduct to one or more boards of pharmacy or regulatory or law enforcement authorities, or pursuit of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings or penalties.

If NABP obtains information indicating an examination candidate disclosed, published, reproduced, transmitted, received without authorization, or made available any portion of the Pre-FPGEE, as described above, in any form to or from individuals, organizations, study groups, or the like, NABP may take actions against the candidate resulting in but not limited to disqualification from the FPGEE program, civil penalties, and/or criminal proceedings.