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Transfer Your NAPLEX Score to Multiple States

Life can take you anywhere, and the NAPLEX score transfer program can help you stay prepared for the changes that come your way. It allows you to pursue a license in another state, which means you can practice where you need to, when you need to.

The score transfer program offers several benefits:

  • Unlike the licensure transfer process, for which many states require at least one year of practice as a licensed pharmacist, score transfer allows you to move ahead with licensure in more than one state as soon as you pass the NAPLEX.
  • Score transfer saves time and paperwork when compared to the licensure transfer process.

To take advantage of the NAPLEX score transfer program, during the NAPLEX registration process, you may select states in addition to the primary state where you are seeking licensure, and NABP will transmit your score to those boards of pharmacy. The cost is $75 per state. You have the flexibility of selecting additional jurisdictions during the NAPLEX registration process or submitting score transfer requests separately after you sit for the scheduled exam. Score transfer requests may be submitted up to 89 days after sitting for the NAPLEX.

Once you take the NAPLEX, if you achieve a passing score and meet all the licensure requirements of the primary state or jurisdiction where you are seeking licensure, then you will be licensed in that state. Meeting licensure requirements in the additional states for which you requested a score transfer is up to you – if you then decide to pursue licensure, the board of pharmacy will have your score on record. Time restrictions may apply, so check with the board. Many states require you to apply for licensure within 1 to 2 years of receiving your score. If you have missed the deadline, you may be required to pursue licensure through NABP’s licensure transfer process.

See the Score Transfer section of the NAPLEX/MPJE Application Bulletin for detailed information.

Those Seeking Licensure in Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon, or Utah

NABP confirms eligibility to test for candidates who are seeking licensure in Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon, and/or Utah. If you are score transferring to these states, when you apply to take the NAPLEX there is an additional $85 processing fee for these states. See the NAPLEX/MPJE Bulletin for more information.