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Get Your MPJE Score

Score results are typically available approximately seven business days after you have taken the MPJE. The minimum acceptable passing score for the MPJE is 75. Please remember that receiving a passing score does not constitute a license to practice pharmacy. For more information on score results, please review the NAPLEX/MPJE Application Bulletin.

Score results are not available online for the following states and jurisdictions:

Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands

Releasing MPJE Score Information to a School or College of Pharmacy

NABP does not release identified student score results to schools and colleges of pharmacy without the student’s permission. Schools and colleges of pharmacy must collect from each of its students a signed student authorization form giving NABP permission to release the student’s identified examination scores to the school or college. NABP does not accept these forms from individual students. Detailed instructions are provided on the form.

Important: NABP must receive all authorization forms and accompanying rosters no later than December 31 of the same graduation year. Requests made outside of this time frame cannot be honored. Reports will be provided to the schools/colleges by the end of the first quarter of the following year. Reports posted for school/college review are considered final and will not be updated to include students who test outside of the reporting window.

School Passing Rates

Yearly passing rates are available for each of the United States schools and colleges of pharmacy. The data includes all candidates who reported graduating from one of the ACPE-accredited schools/colleges of pharmacy and took the exam within the same year.