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Establish Your Legitimacy With Companies and Consumers

The .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program gives your organization a simple and straightforward way to stand apart as credible and safe.

NABP reviews pharmacies with an online presence and medication-related websites to ensure that they are properly licensed and follow applicable laws and business best practices – no policy review or on-site inspection is necessary. Once verified, NABP will add you to the verified websites list. And you’ll also be able to use the .pharmacy domain name at the end of your website URL, like .com or .biz.

To set yourself apart from the 95% of websites operating out of compliance with laws and standards, consider applying for a .Pharmacy domain. More information on doing so can be found on the Apply page. To learn more about our consumer-focused campaign to keep families safe when buying medicine online, you can visit our consumer website,

Benefits of .Pharmacy Verification

Once verified, you’ll be able to:

  • Advertise with Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Snapchat, and Twitter;
  • In the case of pharmacies, conduct credit card transactions using Visa and Mastercard;
  • Display a “seal” of safety that cannot be faked in your web address; and
  • Cement your group’s reputation as contributing to the protection of public health.

Start the application process today.