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The DMEPOS Annual Compliance Review Process

After being awarded the 3-year accreditation, NABP requires a compliance review to be done annually to maintain accreditation.

What Does the Process Involve?

NABP will send annual compliance review materials, during Year 2 and Year 3 of your pharmacy’s accreditation, via email prior to your accreditation anniversary date. The compliance materials include:

  • An annual compliance review form that allows you to confirm or update information and/or documentation already on file at NABP.
  • An invoice for your annual participation fee. Please note: Participation fees paid during the annual compliance review process are not refundable.

Both the fee and completed form must be received by NABP within 30 days. If NABP does not receive a response within 30 days, we will assume that you do not wish to renew your DMEPOS accreditation. As such, your accreditation file will be closed and the letter of agreement (LOA) will be terminated. Please be advised that confirmation of your DMEPOS accreditation will no longer be provided to CMS once the LOA is terminated.

Once your file is closed, you may re-apply for accreditation at a later date by submitting a new application, required documentation, and any applicable fees. A minimum of six months is typically required to complete an accreditation.

The DMEPOS Reaccreditation Process

DMEPOS suppliers must be reaccredited before the current accreditation expires. Unless a pharmacy has received a pharmacy accreditation exemption confirmation from NSC, we encourage suppliers to seek reaccreditation for a new, three-year accreditation during the third year of your pharmacy’s DMEPOS accreditation. NABP will contact its DMEPOS-accredited pharmacies prior to the expiration date of their current three-year accreditation to begin the reaccreditation process. Accredited suppliers are also welcome to contact NABP any time to begin the process.

What Does the Process Involve?

Depending on the level of compliance sustained through the current accreditation, reaccreditation typically requires four to six months to complete from the point a reaccreditation application is submitted and required documentation is received. The reaccreditation process is similar to the initial DMEPOS accreditation:

  1. Policy and Procedures Review:
    • NABP staff will provide reaccreditation applicants with an Assessment Tool and highlight any new or updated policies and procedures required.
    • As with the current accreditation, the Assessment Tool will also help reaccreditation applicants prepare for their unannounced survey.
  2. Licensure Verification:
    • NABP will verify that licenses are still in good standing for the pharmacy and pharmacist-in-charge:
  3. Unannounced On-Site Survey:
    • An unannounced survey of the pharmacy will be conducted to ensure that the pharmacy’s continued practice of its DMEPOS policies and procedures are in compliance with the CMS Quality Standards.
    • If a pharmacy is not successful at survey, an additional survey with additional survey fees will be required to continue in the reaccreditation process.

Following resolution of any outstanding survey action items and licensure verification, DMEPOS staff will recommend that the NABP Accreditation Committee award the pharmacy a new, three-year DMEPOS accreditation.

Ensuring Reaccreditation

To ensure continued DMEPOS accreditation compliance, accredited pharmacies should regularly:

  • Review their DMEPOS policies and procedures and update them as needed;
  • Ensure pharmacy staff are familiar with applicable DMEPOS policies and procedures and the pharmacy’s DMEPOS operations; and
  • Review the NABP DMEPOS Accreditation Standards, the CMS DMEPOS Quality Standards, and Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Standards in their entirety to ensure compliance.

If you do not want or need DMEPOS reaccreditation, please inform NABP with either of the following methods:

  1. Email:
  2. Fax: 847/375-1795
  3. US Mail:
    National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
    Attn: NABP DMEPOS Accreditation
    1600 Feehanville Drive
    Mount Prospect, IL 60056

A Note About Revoked Accreditations:

If accreditation is revoked because annual participation fees were not paid, the NSC will revoke the Medicare Billing Number. If a supplier does not respond to the NSC’s revocation notice and the Corrective Action Plan during the revocation process, the supplier will be suspended for one year from the Medicare program.

Also note that DMEPOS accreditation is required to participate in the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program and the Mail Order Competition for diabetic testing supplies.