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DMEPOS Standards

NABP’s DMEPOS accreditation program supports the Association’s mission to assist its member boards of pharmacy in protecting public health. The program standards through which the accreditation process is managed are essential for meeting this mission. The standards include the validation and assessment of several key areas including:

  • Facility and key personnel licensure
  • Organizational and administrative structure
  • Fiscal and human resources management
  • Product safety, vendor and product authentication
  • Procurement and inventory
  • Information management
  • Compliance and performance management
  • Intake and assessment/delivery and set-up
  • Beneficiary and/or caregiver services and follow-up

NABP’s DMEPOS Accreditation Standards are inclusive of the CMS Quality Standards. The Quality Standards are guidelines used by the CMS-approved accrediting organizations to which suppliers must comply to attain DMEPOS accreditation.

A list of the policies, procedures and supplemental documentation required for NABP’s DMEPOS accreditation can be found in the NABP DMEPOS Accreditation Standards and Applicant Guide.