Tools and resources that may help boards of pharmacy create efficiencies in their operations and promote the highest standard of pharmacy practice are available in this section. If you would like to share resources or documents that may be of use to the other member boards, contact us at

Performance Audits

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor recently conducted performance audits for the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy operations as well as the Board’s oversight of the state prescription monitoring program. The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy has offered to share these reports with the state boards of pharmacy as they may be useful to other boards facing similar audits.

The report on the Board’s operations refers to a National State Auditors Association (NSAA) best practices document which may be used by other state auditors.

Report on Regulation of the Practice of Pharmacy

Report on Oversight of the Prescription Monitoring Program

Presentation Template for Professional Outreach

Looking for a way to explain the role of your Board of Pharmacy to others? The following presentation can help. In addition to general explanation, it includes several examples of how boards promote education around the opioid epidemic, including drug take-back programs and naloxone distribution. The presentation can be shown to pharmacists, technicians, students, patients, and caregivers to educate them on the role of boards in the community. Currently, topics include the boards’ role in addressing the opioid epidemic and implementing prescription monitoring programs, but we will update this presentation with relevant topics as they arise. Boards of Pharmacy are encouraged to download and personalize this presentation.

Download the Professional Outreach Presentation