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NABP Clearinghouse Houses Vital Disciplinary Data for Boards

The NABP Clearinghouse is a national database of educational, competence, licensure, and disciplinary information on pharmacists practicing in NABP’s member states and jurisdictions. In accordance with the NABP Constitution and Bylaws, member boards of pharmacy should report all disciplinary actions taken in their state to the NABP Clearinghouse.

The NABP Clearinghouse is mandated in the Constitution and Bylaws because it is a vital component of the licensure transfer process. Timely reporting by the boards of pharmacy is essential to maintaining the integrity of the licensure transfer program. Information housed in the Clearinghouse is used in determining the acceptability and qualifications of pharmacists who request the transfer of examination scores and licenses into other states or jurisdictions.

The Clearinghouse also houses information reported by the member boards of pharmacy on actions taken against wholesale distributors, pharmacies, pharmacy owners, and pharmacy technicians and interns. This information is used during NABP’s accreditation processes to screen applicants to NABP’s VAWD, VIPPS, and DMEPOS programs.

Clearinghouse Provides Data and Alerts to Assist Boards With Monitoring Professional Accountability

Boards of pharmacy can access information contained in the Clearinghouse at any time by logging into the NABP e-Profile Connect and submitting a query. Also, if a licensee is licensed in multiple states, each board where the individual is licensed will receive information via the e-Profile Alerts section of the Clearinghouse about actions taken by any of the other boards.

As a safety net, these reports allow boards to screen for licensees who have failed to uphold professional and public safety standards and make informed decisions regarding who qualifies to practice pharmacy in their respective states. With many board of pharmacy licensees holding licenses in multiple states, this information is vital to determining whether a current or prospective licensee is eligible to practice pharmacy or operate a licensed facility.

Submitting Information to the Clearinghouse

Submitting data to the Clearinghouse is easy using the NABP e-Profile Connect. Data can be easily entered and supporting documentation can be uploaded to the system. A user manual is available for download on the e-Profile Connect site or training can be provided to board of pharmacy staff upon request.

Data Submission Guidelines

In accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws, member boards of pharmacy should report all actions taken in their state to the NABP Clearinghouse. For more details on the data required for the NABP Clearinghouse, see the data submission requirements. Or, for information on getting started, contact Customer Service.

National Practitioner Data Bank

NABP: A Board of Pharmacy’s NPDB Reporting Agent

The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) is a national data collection program. Federal and state licensing and certification agencies, including boards of pharmacy, must report final adverse actions taken against health care practitioners, providers, or suppliers to NPDB. As NABP collects and provides essentially the same data through the NABP Clearinghouse program, the Association can serve as the board’s authorized reporting agent. By providing this service, NABP seeks to ease the burden these reporting obligations place on the board’s resources — both staff and financial.

After a board designates NABP as its NPDB reporting agent, data that the board uploads to the NABP Clearinghouse using the NABP e-Profile Connect will be automatically reported to NPDB, on behalf of the board. NABP will transmit all required records to NPDB and provide confirmation once NPDB receives the data. NPDB does not accept incomplete reports; all mandatory fields must be completed. Therefore, it is important that complete data be submitted to the NABP Clearinghouse so that it can then be passed to and accepted by NPDB. See the data submission requirements document for more information on data requirements.

NPDB requires that actions be reported within 30 days of the date the action was taken; therefore, timely reports to the Clearinghouse are extremely important if your board designates NABP as its reporting agent. Using the NABP e-Profile Connect helps speed up the process for transmitting data to NABP and also enables NABP to more quickly process and transmit the required data to NPDB. All information reported is confidential and not available to the general public.

How to Authorize NABP as the Reporting Agent

If your board of pharmacy is ready to designate NABP as its NPDB reporting agent, you must do the following:

  • Complete the NABP Letter of Agreement and return it to NABP.
  • Go to the NPDB website and register your organization, if it is not already registered.
  • Visit the How to Designate an Authorized Agent page on the NPDB for instructions on how to make NABP your reporting agent. When filling out the form, you will need the following information for NABP.
    • Data Bank Identification Number: 1955
    • Agent Organization Name: National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
    • City: Mount Prospect
    • State: Illinois
    • ZIP Code: 60056
  • After NABP receives your signed Letter of Agreement and accepts the NPDB agent registration form, the Association can begin submitting information to NPDB on your board’s behalf.

For further information on designating NABP as your board’s reporting agent, contact Customer Service.