As member boards of pharmacy worked to enhance their pharmacy inspection processes, especially in respect to sterile compounding pharmacies, they identified NABP as the most efficient facilitator of a solution that would both balance the needs of the boards as well as make the protection of public health of primary concern. In response, NABP worked closely with the board members, inspectors and compliance staff, and board executive officers to create tools and services that will enable state boards to exchange knowledge and build robust inspection programs within their state.

Multistate Pharmacy Inspection Blueprint Program

Established after the development of the Multistate Pharmacy Inspection Blueprint and the Universal Inspection Form (an outgrowth of the Blueprint), boards of pharmacy agreed to a set of requirements for conducting inspections in their state. Currently this program provides the most benefit to those states seeking to improve processes for inspections of sterile compounding pharmacies that ship across state lines.


The Verified Pharmacy Program is a license verification service and inspection program conducted by NABP. It was developed to ensure that member boards have access to complete information related to inspections, licensing, and disciplinary data so that they may make accurate licensure decisions on nonresident pharmacies.


NABP wants to help boards of pharmacy build inspection programs that ensure the highest pharmacy quality standards. With that goal in mind, NABP and its partners provide online and site-based training, focusing on United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) standards for compounding and handling of hazardous drugs.