Attention: test the sidewide alert

What is wrong with using just any pharmacy website to buy cheaper medicine?

Many rogue websites sell substandard or falsified medications or drugs that have not been FDA-approved. Additionally, they will dispense medicine without requiring a prescription. FDA restricts the distribution of certain drugs to a prescription-only basis because in certain medical situations they can be dangerous if not taken with ongoing medical consultation. Without a physical examination, patients could receive inappropriate medication and worsen an underlying, undiagnosed, serious medical condition.

Additionally, illegitimate prescribing websites frequently sell their customer lists to other illegitimate online pharmacy operators and owners of internet scam and pornography sites. Frequently, deceived consumers notify us of non-receipt of medications they ordered and/or credit card charges that illegitimately operating pharmacies refuse to remove. Many also complain that they are unable to contact the pharmacies, because phone lines are disconnected, or no one answers.