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What can I expect during the VPP uniform inspection?

After you have submitted your application and payment, your pharmacy may be inspected at any time. You are expected to be familiar with, and be operating under, all applicable regulations. The inspection is a snapshot in time.

As this is a general inspection, some items may not be required by the state of residence. The VPP inspection observes for compliance with USP Chapters <795> and <797>, as applicable. We do not make a determination of “passed” or “compliant” with regard to any specific state regulations. It is up to each individual state to determine compliance based on the findings of the VPP inspection.

The information and comments obtained in the nonsterile compounding and sterile compounding supplement inspections are based on USP Chapters <795> and <797>, respectively. An inspection against current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) is not conducted. For more information, see the VPP Inspection Guidance Document.