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How do I renew my CPE Monitor Plus plan?

When your subscription is within 30 days of expiring, an orange bar will appear in your e-Profile, letting you know your subscription is expiring soon. To renew, click the button. You will not be able to renew until your subscription is within 30 days of expiring and the orange bar appears.

Select the subscription service you would like to purchase. Affirm that the information entered is accurate by checking the box. Next, enter your payment information and submit the order.

If you do not renew before the last day of your subscription, once it expires, a popup appears as final notification. To renew, select “I want to renew and continue accessing detailed license information” and click submit.

If you choose not to renew, the popup will disappear, and you will default to the free, standard plan. If you decide to upgrade to the plus plan again in the future, you will complete the upgrade process in e-Profile. Click here for instructions.

If you have additional questions, contact