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How do I renew VPP or request another VPP inspection?

To renew, you will need to complete the online VPP application and submit it with the necessary fee. We will review your application information and schedule an unannounced inspection within eight weeks. This time frame is subject to change pending inclement weather, a significant number of pharmacy blackout dates, or other unforeseen circumstances.

If you do not need to renew but require a new or more current inspection, submit a request via email and we will work with you to schedule a new, unannounced inspection.

All VPP participants are expected to understand the rules and regulations in the states where they hold licensure and to maintain compliance with those states’ inspection requirements. If the state where you are renewing or obtaining a pharmacy license requires a more current inspection, it is your responsibility to proactively request an inspection from NABP. As a guideline:

  • If engaged in sterile compounding, request and undergo an annual inspection.
  • If engaged in nonsterile compounding or general pharmacy practices only, request and undergo a biennial inspection.

We are working with the state boards of pharmacy to develop a uniform VPP policy as it relates to the frequency of inspection and the renewal requirements specific to the program.