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How do I change my Social Security number in my e-Profile?

You can change your Social Security number in your e-Profile by submitting a photocopy of the official document showing your Social Security number and completing NABP’s Social Security number change form. Have this form witnessed and signed by a notary. For security reasons, submit the original notarized form by mail.

The required supporting documentation includes a photocopy of the following:

  • Social Security card
    Please send a photocopy. Originals will not be returned.

FORM: Social Security Number Change
For security reasons, submit this form and the photocopied documentation by mail to:

NABP Customer Service
1600 Feehanville Dr
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Phone: 847/391-4406

If you have misplaced your Social Security card, see the Social Security Administration’s website for information on getting a new or replacement card.