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How do I add or edit my licenses/credentials?

All your licenses, including additional pharmacist credentials such as controlled substance or nuclear, will appear in the My e-Profile section of e-Profile. There you can add new licenses or update licenses that are already recorded. When you add a new license you will be able to edit all license data until your license information is verified by NABP. Once your license is verified by NABP you will only be able to edit the Expiration Date and the Status.

NABP verifies license information with the board of pharmacy when you use programs such as Electronic Licensure Transfer Program and the CPE Monitor Plus subscription service. Once your license is verified by NABP, there are certain fields that you will not be able to change without assistance.

When you add a license to your e-Profile, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Certifying Authority
  • Credential Type
  • Credential Number
  • Original Issue Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Status

If your license information has been verified and you are no longer able to edit the Certifying Authority, Credential Type, Credential Number, or Original Issue Date, please email Please do not add a duplicate license to the e-profile if you cannot edit parts of the existing license information.

Editing Licenses/Credentials

  • After logging in, select ‘My e-Profile.’

  • In the Licenses section, click on the pencil icon to the right of the license you want to edit.

  • If you have added a license to your profile and it has not yet been verified by NABP, you may edit any field.

  • The fields will be grayed out if your license has been verified by NABP. The fields that will be locked down after verification are Certifying Authority, Credential Type, Credential Number, and Original Issue Date. The fields that will always be open for editing are Expiration Date and Status.

  • Click the Save button after you have made your changes. Your edits will appear in the license summary.

Adding Licenses/Credentials

  • To add a license/credential to your profile, click the Add License button.

  • Click on the arrow to select the Certifying Authority from the dropdown list.

  • After selecting the certifying authority state or entity, the Credential Type field will appear.
  • Click on the arrow to select from the list of credential types.

  • Once you select the credential type the remaining license information fields will appear.
  • Fill out the required remaining fields and click the Save button.

  • The new license will appear in the summary section. Additional edits can be made until the license information is verified by NABP.