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How do I add a NAPLEX Score Transfer if I have applied for the NAPLEX but have not sat for the examination?

You may purchase a score transfer request up to 89 days after the exam date (the day of the exam is considered day one). This provides you with two opportunities to purchase a score transfer:

  • When you purchase your exam. After you are granted eligibility you will be prompted to purchase your exam. You may purchase score transfers at that time, or you may log in to your e-Profile later before taking your exam to purchase score transfers.
  • 89 days after taking the examination. After you take the examination, you may purchase score transfers for up to 89 days by logging in to your e-Profile.

To purchase a score transfer for the NAPLEX:

  1. Log in to your e-Profile and click ‘Exam Services.’
  2. In the ‘Active Applications’ tab, scroll down to select ‘Purchase Score Transfer’ in the applicable row
  3. Click the ‘Purchase’ button at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts on the subsequent screens to choose the jurisdictions where you would like to transfer your score.
  4. Be sure to review your information to make sure it is correct before completing your purchase. There are no refunds on score transfers.