CPE Monitor Subscription Plans

CPE Monitor now offers a choice of two plans to help you manage your licensing requirements. Both plans, Standard and Plus, are available via the new NABP e-Profile mobile app.

Standard Plan

The Standard version of CPE Monitor is a free plan that includes all the basic CPE Monitor features you have always enjoyed as an NABP e-Profile account holder, such as automatic transmission of ACPE-accredited activity from the provider to your e-Profile. You can view detailed CPE transcripts and monitor your compliance status in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. All CPE Monitor users are automatically setup with the standard plan upon entering a license in their e-Profile.

Plus Plan

Whether you have one license or multiple, the Plus plan gives you the ability to monitor your CPE credits seamlessly through CPE Monitor. It eliminates the need to manually add and cross-check required types of CPE credits, while automatically tracking your progress in every state where you have a license. Upgrade to the Plus plan for $29.95 per year. The subscription price remains the same no matter how many licenses you may have or will add at a later date. When you upgrade to the CPE Monitor Plus plan, you will be able to

Verify how much CPE credit you must earn to satisfy renewal requirements
Receive alerts when your license is nearing the end of a CPE cycle
Upload non-ACPE credits to your e-Profile
View consolidated transcripts for each state license
Connect to My CPD, which allows you to maintain your continuing professional development in one place
Connect to P.L.A.N., where you can easily search for ACPE-approved courses

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(Note: Currently, the Plus subscription plan can only be used via the mobile app. A desktop version is coming soon.)

More About CPD and P.L.A.N.

Developed by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) platform provides pharmacy professionals with a user-friendly interface to create, record and maintain CPD all in one place. CPD is a self-directed, ongoing, systematic, and outcomes-focused approach to lifelong learning that is applied into practice. Click on My CPD in the CPE Monitor menu of the e-Profile app and you will be brought to your CPD dashboard where you can start building a personal development plan. After building a plan, continue your CPD journey by documenting learning activities and uploading supporting evidence that assist in developing and maintaining continuing competence, enhancing professional practice, and supporting achievement of career goals. No additional login is required when accessing CPD from the e-Profile app. CPE Monitor and the Plus subscription can be your one-stop shop to track lifelong learning.

A link to ACPE’s P.L.A.N. is also available in the CPE Monitor menu of the e-Profile app. This allows you to easily find available CPE activities offered by ACPE-accredited providers that fit your needs. If you have an educational need to address during your CPE cycle, find activities fast!